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  • 08:01:11 pm on June 7, 2009 | 0

    Is Smoking harmful? The question has been debated ever since Queen Isabella sent Christopher Columbus out to score a dime bag in the new world. I for one cannot be sure because there is very convincing research on both sides of the issue. We’ve all heard the negatives of smoking. So let’s take a moment to look at some of the literature seems to indicate otherwise. 

    Some of the “Beneficial Effects of Nicotine” (Jarvik, British Journal of Addiction, 1991) that summarizes the many positive aspects of this wonder drug. “When chronically taken,” it says here, “nicotine may result in: (1) positive reinforcement [it makes you feel good], (2) negative reinforcement [it may keep you from feeling bad], (3) reduction of body weight [by reducing appetite and increasing metabolic rate], (4) enhancement of performance, and protection against: (5) Parkinson’s disease, (6) Tourette’s disease [tics], (7) Alzheimer’s disease, (8) ulcerative colitis and (9) sleep apnea. 
    Scientists have also found evidence that smoking helps prevent the onset of various dementias. Many dementias go hand-in-hand with a loss of chemical receptors in the brain that just happen to be stimulated by nicotine. Smoking seems to bolster these receptors, and smokers have more of them. The theory is that smokers may then have more to lose before they start losing their minds. “It does seem that nicotine has a preventative effect” says Roger Bullock, a specialist in dementia and director of the Kingshill Research Centre in Swindon. 

    Carbon Monoxide Alleviates Heart Attacks And Stroke – Carbon monoxide is a by-product of tobacco smoke. A report indicates very low levels of carbon monoxide may help victims of heart attacks and strokes. Carbon monoxide inhibits blood clotting, thereby dissolving harmful clots in the arteries. The researchers focused on carbon monoxide’s close resemblance to nitric oxide which keeps blood vessels from dilating and prevents the buildup of white blood cells. The pharmacological benefits of tobacco are nothing new.
    In short, there are many positive benefits associated with the smoking of tobacco, and they should indeed be mentioned right along side with the obvious negatives. As always the Heart Attack Grill wishes to promote fair and balanced research.


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